Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Wouldn't it be lovely to own a kaleidoscope that, in a little fragment of time, made a new breathtaking design each time you shake it?

This is my latest work. It was really fun to make it and it took me three days.
The first photo is taken when I was ready choosing the design. At this stage I've decided how I want the design to be, not only the design itself but also the depth of it. In this specific mandala I let the four "side figures" have almost the same design as the main one.
Once this is done I start to choose the colours. And then add the colour as the next photo showes.

I prefer to work on one mandala, so the colours of the rest are decided for when needed.

Not everything is planned, sometimes things appears while working. If you look at the main mandala, you can see the small checked areas which really forced their way to be included. And I'll have to say that I like them very much. The checks are so small that they don't interrupt the rest, on the contrary they help the rest pop out.
The pattern of a ready cut cake wasn't planned either, but when I chose to make a quite heavy line between each square outside the star I got that bonus effect.
The design in the outer sircle (of the main mandala) could have been different. I aimed for a design which held the feeling of air and dissolubility, and it does, but it would probably be even better with that design in just every other or third square. That way it could have been clearer what I wanted to create, instead it can easily be seen as a repetitive design only as it is now. All these things are much easier to spot when the mandala is done. When I'm working on it I'm so focused that I don't see other opportuneties than those I've already chosen. I'll have to work on that.

Don't you just love the red petals?
I do!! They really pop out and looks like velvet, so much that I have to touch them from time to time.
For me mandala is a circle, as you might have noticed, but I'm working on bending the rules. Step out of the frame so to speak and it's exciting.

I hope you're all well and enjoying your time.


  1. Laila, this is stunning! The time involved to make must be drawing all the time!

    I have a very small kaleidoscope that my daughter gave me years ago. I love looking into it. You've captured that same thing with your drawing.