Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy days.

Anyone who remember my showerbuddy? Now it's done and in use. It's really nice to use it but so are the ones one can buy. I finally took the time to finish it, so that leaves me with one item less to think of.

I've had a busy weekend with Sandra. Saturday we went to an artshow together with a friend of mine and her kids. In fact it was Street Art painted inside an old building. Unfortunately my camera went flat so I was unable to photograph anything inside. But, I'm going back soon to do just that because I want to save the images and share them with you. I really liked what I saw and it was easy to compare them to artjournaling.
When this exhibition is over all of the art will be painted over and gone forever, that's why I want to photograph it. I was able to snap some photos outside though.

I was so amazed when I first saw this painted building, what a job to do that. It's so big so I wonder how the artists could keep focus and do it right.
There were a couple of artists out painting the walls this day too and they were kind enough to let our children take part for a while. The kids enjoyed it, and had a really good time. This little boy,Isak, below looked like he had been doing this all his life

Here are Malika and Sandra in action.

Here are Sandra and Isak.

On Sunday it was Sandras birthday (her 9th) so we had to bake some cake for her, and later on we payed another friend of mine a visit. She showed me some very nice dresses which had belonged to her mother. From the early sixties. Sandra got some presents too and was all smiles when I drove her back home in the afternoon. So in addition to that I've read some books.


  1. What an interesting idea to use an old building as a canvas for art work. Happy birthday to Sandra - she looks like a delight and I can see that you have lots of fun with her. I can't wait to see the other pics of the inside.

  2. That looks like such a fun place to visit. I like the way they used the entire side of the building for art.

    Happy Birthday (late) to Sandra. I hope she had a wonderful day.