Monday, October 24, 2011

The Evolution in short version.

New day, new possibillities.

Tou Scene.

The second hall shows the evolution, or how the artist thought it looked like. It was done with the end wall as the beginning and then the artist made two lines. One line to the right and one to the left. I'll show you both but start with the right side.

Standing on their feet and dressed, from there on it's all history.
Now you have to look at my first photo again and then these photos below shows the left side.

Out of the water and on their feet too....

I don't think this is breaking any news but I'm so facinated by the work, how well it's done by using spray only. The feeling of standing in the midst of something this big overwhelms me.
If one take a closer look at the work it's possible to see all the small details, look at all the small loops on the trees. The detailing job is very similar to what we do in artjournaling. Imagine how the artists must have felt standing there, ready to start.

Otherwise I was at a new exhibition on this late friday. All of the first graders (art school) held their first exhibition outside school. It was an exciting exhibition, and I'm so impressed what they already can do. I didn't bring my camera this time and couldn't have used either because the room was too crowded.
My friends work was amongst the best (my opinion) she had made a rainbow where the one half was filled with all the beautiful colours that normally are in a rainbow and the other half were filled with a lot of shades of grey. The rainbow was hanging from the ceiling and one meter from the wall behind. On the wall she had written this question: Does love have any colour? Beneath the rainbow she had a pair of black mail shoes standing together and a white pair of small shoes "walking" slightly in front of the black ones.
Her specifications were : Unspoken love. Can you imagine her piece?
That's all for now, I'm off to do some houskeepping.


  1. These photos and art are amazing! So enjoyed looking at them, thank you :)

  2. Laila, thank you so much for your loving comment. I got lost in it while it developed!
    Maybe we both could hide in the flowers and play with the butterfly and fishes? Be so cool!
    :) Julie