Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yeah....this is a fun way.

Yet another "few colours" painting.

Good Sunday morning everyone!

I feel I can do it this way. Todays painting holds 3 colours only + my drawing pencil to outline. The colours used are: Black, white and raw sienna.
It feels a bit confusing to start with but even at my second try I felt it worked better. This time I started with the background, I painted the whole sheet the shade I wanted. I'm still dependent to the drawing and that irritates me a bit so I'll try at some stage not to draw the image before painting it. Well, at least just to draw it loosely. On this one I even painted the eyes with acrylics.

I really have improved, now I draw an image in half an hour and the painting is mostly done in an hour. To start with I used 3-4 hours at the whole process. So, it helps to practice in many ways.

What I like the most in this painting is that the background shines through the face. I feel I have gained another depht by that. What I don't like that much is that the highlights seems a bit too blue. I didn't mix my own black and perhaps the black I have contains too much blue in it. I don't know, but I will try to mix my own next time to see if that changes.
Her hair has something unnatural about it too, something about the outlines. Perhaps it would look better with a more diffuse outline.

For me this is an interesting face. It's not about beauty, but expression. I'm definitely on my way to something that can be "my way" of doing it. I do need to practice faces in other angles than stright forward though.

Wish you all the best.

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