Friday, July 25, 2014

Where I live no.2

The barn.

The barn was a mess when we bought this property. The former owner didn't look after it at all. It was kind of hard for him to take care of everything, because he lives in another part of the country. Each time something needed to be done, he had to hire someone or he asked some neighbours that he knew.

Can you see how it's sunk down on the middle? Handyman had a huge job to jack up the construction and replace the broken parts. But, he did it and it all looked much better. The floors inside had to be replaced as well as the timber cladding outside. Some of the roof tiles had to be fastened, and then it was good as new.

In the abowe photo you can see one window and one that once were a window. He fixed it all and made a new door.

If you have a close look, you can see the timber cladding has been cut at both sides of the showing window. That is because handyman has turned the barn into his garage. When he's entering the path in to our house, he presses the button and parts of the wall lifts up. Seen in the photo below.

We wanted to keep the houses as close to original as possible, but they had to meet our needs. The rest of the barn is used to store different things, such as our firewood. Left hand side room is handymans carpentry room. Besides alot of tools he has a good working space in there. The loft is used to store timber cladding and other stuff that needs quite some space.

West side of the barn shows why it's called a barn instead of an outhouse. A barn needs to have a direct access to the loft from outside, kind of a bridge. If the bridge is there, it's called a barn. Easy as that.

This is how it became after all the repairs. Handyman always wants to cut down the grass on the bridge, but I want it to be there. It shows how it often was and is kind of romantic, I think.

Originally there were hens in the barn, that's all I know for sure. There might have been a horse and even a cow, but I have no one to confirm it.

As a curiosity I can tell you, when handyman teared up the floor in the barn, he found lots and lots of ceramic and porcelain eggs. People used to lay these egge into the hens nests. They were meant to make the hens lay more eggs. I can remember from my childhood some neighbours doing that with their hens.

I have washed all the eggs and use them as decoration on my kitchen counter. I've often thought of painting them, and one day I might do that.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you've enjoyed your stay.


  1. How very interesting Laila-about the eggs. Your lucky as they could be very old. Wow, I think the barn turned out awesome. Enjoy your home.:) thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow handyman is an artist as well...what an amazing structure he revamped!! And you should definitely paint those eggs when your muse calls....can't wait to see them!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. What a great job your handyman has made of the barn. It looks wonderful :-)

  4. I love old barns and yours is beautiful. Your husband did a great job on it. And what a wonderful find those eggs are. You definitely should paint them. I can see some of your brightly colored designs on them.