Monday, July 7, 2014

Some news.

I have been playing with Celtic knots lately.

I found some real good you-tube films to learn the basics on how to draw Celtic knots, and then I made one myself. I don't know if anyone have made this one before me, but it's thinkable. Anyway, I struggled my way to figure it out and were very pleased to make it happen.
First one is the one below. It was quite a challenge to draw it, but after some attempts I did it.

When the first one were finished, new ideas came on and on  so I had to do some more. I were listening to a Norwegian band called : Dance with a stranger, and a song called : Everyone needs a friend sometime. Beautiful song that inspired my next try. Can you see the female is blushing?

Next I tried to make a braid, and wanted to put in another bird. He's singing the most beautiful tunes. The light spot on his chest and a bit on the tail is done with twinks, and it has a beautiful shine to it.

Another special thing that happened some days ago, was that I won a giveaway over at Judy West's blog. She asked us to decorate her drawn letters, A 2 Z, which is on the front cover of her new book. I like challenges, and joined in, and my piece brought me to the top of her list. So, now I'm awaiting a copy of her new book to arrive in the mail. How lucky am I? Below is my decorated piece.

And as I were drawing my knots, I made a special one just to say thank you to Judy. Have you ever tried to do this kind of knots? They're very fun doing, and it's hard to stop when first started.

What are you up to? Summer is here, and my mother is home so I'm kind of busy visiting her, and helping out with groceries and stuff like that.
I hope you all are having good days. 

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  1. Laila you have such patience. Its so time consuming to do Celtic knots and in the past my frustration has got the better of me. Your addition of sweet birds is a lovely idea. Love the wee blushing girl :)