Thursday, November 7, 2013

Experimenting on my own.

Since I'm learning how to master the Twinks right now,

I'm doing a lot of experimenting on my own. I had this idea of making a painting to look like a glasspainting or Church window if you like. I drew some flowers, and when I had done them as I would like them to be, I just traced them, mirrored them and put them in a way that I liked. At the end I made the stems and leaves. I used a plastic embroidery canvas as template for my circle. The background spaces were made randomly, as I thought it would fit.

I'm especially happy on how the flowers came out, and equally unhappy with the background. It's far too busy, more like a total mess.

My next try was interesting, I changed the color of the flowers and made them a tiny bit different, in the center that is. Well, I copied them, I saw no reason to do all the drawing over again. After all this is all about the colors. Still I'm pleased with the flowers, but this time the background color turned out far to sweet, so I went for experimenting with this piece. First I made all the tiny dots on the blue background, then I stenciled the edge. When the stenciling was done there were stains of color not meant to be there, and to cover it I made randomly "larger" dots of black and went back in making tiny small black dots. That was a great way to hide these small accidents.

I had to do a final one, trying to keep my thoughts strong and focus on what I was doing. Again I changed the color of the flowers, which I now regret, but the background became what I had imagined. Flowers and background do work well together, it's just that I feel the flowers looks a bit too cold.

This was an exciting experiment to do, and I also learnt a lot on using the Twinks. I do like to figure out experiments of my own and this one were useful too.

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  1. Laila, I like each one. I don't think the background on the first one is too busy. Maybe just make the flower colors more intense and the background a little lighter. It's fun seeing how you experiment.