Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mixed media.

I sat down to try my pan pastels in another project.

First I drew a wreath of flowers and painted them using watercolors. The drawing is made from imagination and isn't that well done but it's good enough for me to try what I want. At the very beginning I drew a circle, that way it's easier to make the wreath even.

I added some twinks and used WS crayons to make a neutral background.

Black and white pen for details and pan pastels to even out the background.

I worked some more with the greyish background, and at the end I used a new stencil to add the  dragonflies. I might add shadows to the dragonflies too, later on.

The pan pastels was like a dream to even out the background color. So smooth and easy to add. One certainly have to use a fixative, and I'm going to try hairspray.
Another time I'll try using a lighter color for the background, as it is now I feel it's a bit too dark. And, I could have kept the dragonflies white or a light color. I also did think of adding text instead of dragonflies, but with a complete wreath it seemed too strict.  All in all I'm pleased with the result and what I learned from doing it. That's the most important thing, don't you think?

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  1. Very pretty! Trying new products is always fun and that's how you get to know what they'll do. Pan pastels are on my wish list but I haven't tried them yet.