Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art I saw in America.


It's always interesting to see alot of diffeent art abroad.

One do get inspired and think of new ways of doing things. I did photograph alot of sculptures and decorations too, but today I have chosen to show you some paintings I saw. This first one was photographed in a gallery in Tulsa, we went there to see the exhibition, Famous Faces, of the artist Kristin Halldorsdottir Eyfells. A very interesting exhibition.
Kristin H. Eyfells is an Icelandic artist who use oversized canvases to paint faces. As you see below she uses different colors to express the different feelings she sees in people. She claims that every wrinkle in our faces is there for a reason. She has made alot of faces, not only famous ones. Below is a photo of a card I recieved when I bought her book called Famous Faces.

The next two photos were taken in Santa Fe in a marked there. Santa Fe was a fantastic place to visit if one take interest in art and crafts. All the soft-edged buildings felt so friendly too. I loved being in Santa Fe.

This last photo is a very old well known painting, made of  Johannes Vermeer. It's called Girl with a Pearl Earring. You can read mor about it here. This painting has been one of my favorites for a long time, I once  read a novel about the prehistory of this painting, how it might have happened. Isn't it beautiful? I did photohraph this in Las Vegas.

I hope you got a bit inspired too! 

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  1. I'm glad you got to visit Santa Fe. It's an artist's town. I love going there and just walking from one gallery to the next. It's a place where everyone could get inspired.