Sunday, June 2, 2013

Something new.


I bought myself a new cell phone yesterday.

That means alot of work to figure out how to use it and how everything works, and if I dislike anything, that's it. So to cheer myself up a bit I sat down today and made some bags to carry it in, and that's a whole different cup of tea. I love making such small things, and I love all the colors too. I asked handyman what he thought about them and all he said was: hmf...... Too much color for him.
I think I'll make one or two more, always fun to have something to choose from. We've had such a cold day here today so staying indoors making something fun was just the right thing for me.
I hope you are having a fun day too!


  1. I love the one with the pink flower! They're both so pretty but that is my favorite...I like all the color.

  2. oh I love both of them, how very creative you are

  3. LOVED your interview on Jennibellie. Your blog is beautiful and varied and interesting! so great to "meet" you.