Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer solstice June 21st.

In Norwegian:

The sun reaches its highest point and we have the day with the longest period of light in the year.
Hence also the "shortest" night.

Old traditions:
Way back in time people had a large amount of respect for everything concerning the sun. Where I live people were afraid the sun would not reappear in the sky after winter solstice. Because of that they were not allowed to do work which went in circles. Not spin, not grind flour, things like that. The same goes for summer solstice. They believed the circle moves gave negative energi to the sun and helped it fall off the clode. Probably they thought what's good in winter will help in summer as well, hence the ban in summer too.

Engraved signs:
"turning" sun.

This is the sun at its highest. The line pointing down, not a sunray, indicates coming phase.....lower. I love how the sky turned out, and the ocean/ground too. It's quite interesting to enlarge the photos, that's when it's possible to see all the colors used.

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  1. ohh the colours are fabulous as well as your drawing