Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still on the hook.

I've been busy.
I'm still crocheting, and have finished up a few things and started new ones. It's very relaxing to crochet and listen to the radio. And time flyes. I try to use the yarn that was given to me, but in some cases I have to add something extra to get the result I'm looking for. The colours of the yarn is not what I would choose if I bought them myself but it's interesting to see what I can do to what I have.
Earlier today I looked up an old blanket I made back in 1980. Blue and green, these colours was not "allowed" together back then.

I finished the baby blanket and then I made some hats and a neck piece. The neck piece is not as I want it to be so I'm making another one.

  I'm not sure about the hats. I'll ask a young relative of mine to bring them to a girlparty and ask some opinions. Just stupid to make several if nobody want to have one.

The neck piece below is ment to be a tight one. No long tails to interrupt anything. This one is a bit too small and I'm making a new one that looks a bit more like I was thinking it should. It has a button to close it at the back.
A second blanket is finished too and a third one on it's way. I wonder when I'll be back painting again.
I'm pleased with the blue blanket, and I'm excited about the next one. It's so much fun to choose and combine the colours trying to get a good result even if the colours are not my favs.

I have some brown colours too, and right now I'm planning how to use them and get a result that I like.

Have some fun time everyone!!


  1. I like the colours you use for your blankets, they go well together and create a lovely overall effort. I can see that as usual you are having fun.

  2. Your crocheted pieces are lovely. Isn't it wonderful, that we can now do these things in ways that were not "allowed" years ago. I love that we can now combine stitches and colors in new and interesting ways.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  3. I love your crochet blankets, especially the blue one. Lovely work!