Saturday, March 24, 2012

Something close to a zoo.

I made some animals just to get it into my fingers.
When I had finish these it was time to create something for myself. It's much more satisfying to make ones own  creation. One day I was passing the bird I was given from my friend and the idea stroke me. Why not make birds with different expressions.

I did and now I have made 5 birds. The shape is the same (almost) in every bird, it's the colours and teckniques that differ them. As you see one is ready for landing while the other ones are still flying.
I will use a fishingline to hang them from. The yarn is only for me trying to hang them. I'm still in search for the final way of doing them but I feel pretty close right now.
I have so many ideas for how they can look, perhaps I should write my ideas down so I don't loose them.
Even they are small it's amazing how many details it's possible to give them. As an example I could mention the use of beads, gold floss, dots. What do you think, wouldn't it be fun with a dotted bird?
In the Norwegian Royal Residence in Oslo they have a room called The Bird room. Perhaps I should make my own private bird room, or I could hang them out in the appletrees coming summer. That would in fact be eyecatching.
 Below is Pinky, I think she's my favorite this far. Notice the darker pink on top of her shoes. Shoes and legs are the hardest part to make, it's so tiny bits.

The next is the first one that I made, I call it Lacetail.

 Meet Landing Helena!

The following one hasn't been named yet.

The last one is still in progress.

What are you up to these days? We have a beautiful and sunny day here today which I enjoy.
Whish you all the best too!


  1. All your little creatures are so cute...and what a great idea to make birds! I especially like the one with darker blue and green.

  2. Wow Laila, you truly, truly amaze me!! I can't believe how many amazing and unique and crafty things you create. How do you do it all? You are so, so talented. These little animals are so cute. I love Landing Helena, she is adorable and those wee little chicks in the eggs. Wowzee!!! I don't how you do it all, but I am so impressed!! :) Good to see what you are working on.