Monday, March 19, 2012

So much for painting.

My intention was to paint again but there were just a small thing I had to try first.....................

I couldn't let go of my hooks. I had to try making an amugurumi, and got hooked again. They are so fun to make and I can't stop. I have been thinking of making one for a long time now and have been collecting tips and how to's over a long periode. I couldn't find a perfect pattern so I mixed. A bit from here and there, and my last item is close to how I want it to be.
It started with some Easter eggs.

This items are inspired from Red hot. The one in the middle has excactly the eggshells she made, but I wanted to do them differently so I skipped the coloured edge and made the final row in a different way.

This led me to try making some chickens and I did. I really like these ones. I was inspired by Jane but again I made a lot of changes on how to. I don't like to sew the head to the body so I had to change that. I did change their peeks too and their feet, but they look pretty much the same. I couldn't resist making them some clothing and I like how they turned out.

To find the pattern you'll need to choose her free patterns and scroll down untill you see it.

Well now I'm deep into it and I had to try making Mia's garden fairy. Again I simplified the pattern and did it my way. Not as successful as hers perhaps but well enough for me, and much easier to make.

The one in progress is a product of my own choices. Now it remains to make the personality. What I like the most about this one is that it's able to stand up. I love making them even that the work is soooo small and fiddling.

You can see that they fit into my hand. Now I'll have to think about what kind of clothes this one should have. The clothes are ment to underline the personality so I'll better think well.

Isn't this one cute, standing there all alone.

Good at posing anyway.
Well, I guess it won't be paint on my fingers for awhile. I just have to finish this roll.

Have a good time whatever you are creating.

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  1. They're all so cute! The little chicks in the shell are my favorite. I used to make amugurumi a few years ago. I think I still have a couple of them someplace.