Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome to my kitchen.

Hello out there. Today I'll show you my kitchen. It's a tiny little room, but big enough for me. This is the way they were a hundred years ago, tiny. We've installed a new interior and the tall cupboard (right side) handyman made himself . We found the two doors out in the outhouses.
You know I've had my own curtain shop so I had to do a little extra with the cupboards. They all have glassdoors but curtains on the inside. I like the expression of the glasses but wouldn't have the insight, so curtains helped me.

The Roman blind in the window has the same fabric in the small bows. It's quite cosy in there and the morning sun shines through the window.

Here you see the cooker and above it, hidden behind the small valance, is the ventilator. In the beginning and the end of this wall I have my freezer and fridge. This is working well for me, the only time I can feel it is a bit small is when we have 10/12 dinner guests. We eat in the diningroom ofcourse, but one need space at those occations. Not often though.

Here I sit on the bench close to the window and snap this photo. I wanted to show you that old map. It's hand drawn back in 1647. Well this is a copy of the original. I love old maps, they are so detailed.

This last photo shows my kitchen table. There are brick walls is in every room. I hoped for an old fashioned cooking stove here but there wasn't. It's a cosy place to sit and in winter the brick wall is warm from the stove inside.
All the rooms in the first floor are close to 3 meters high so we feel it's airy.

This is where I prepare our meals, now you have an image of how it is.
This post was not planned, but when I made the cake yesterday and documented it by photos I realised that I should show you my kitchen. The cake post will come soon.

Have a nice day and take care.


  1. Your kitchen looks warm and inviting. I'd like to sit at the table and have a cup of tea with you. And maybe some of the cake you baked yesterday!

  2. You are very talented, I love the mandelas especially. Thank you for visiting my blog.