Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A huge gift.

Hello, I'm still here you know.

I've had a busy week. Last Friday I had a friend visiting and she brought me this incredible gift. Three sacks filled with yarn!!
All the colours in the photo below were included and a huge pile of each colour. It felt like I was given half a yarnshop. The yarn isn't wool, but very soft and mashine washable and the best thing is that the knitted items keeps their form no matter how many times they're washed. For children it's good too that it dosen't itch.
My kind friend is a teacher and at her school they were cleaning out the art and craft department. Nowadays they use wool only so all this yarn were never in use. Lucky me!! I'm planning to crochet her something in granny squares as a small thankyou gift.

I had promised a niece of mine to knit her tiny son, Erik ( 8 months) a sweather and I felt the time had come to do so. I called her and offered her to come choose her favorite colours and she did. My niece were born in the late seventies and she simply love the seventies colours. After that I've been knitting. Now it's done and you can see the result below.

If I'm allowed I'll show you a photo of the little one with his new clothes on. The size is for a year and a half old child, made in agreement with my niece. She want it to fit next autum. For now she just turn up the sleeves a bit.
My next project is to knit something for a newborn girl. One of my nephews became a father in september. I havn't decide what to knit yet so I'll have to think about it a bit.

Otherwise my mandala journal has been neglected, I have a large project going in it but didn't find the time to continue. I will catch up on it though and show you what it's all about.

The sun is shining and it seem to become a very nice day here. I hope you'll have a nice day too.


  1. What fun to receive that stash. Happy crocheting or knitting - its the right time of the year to be doing of all this. I love crocheting because it seems to go faster.

  2. How nice of your friend to gift you with all that yarn. You'll have hours of knitting fun, and the colors are so pretty.

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