Friday, November 11, 2011

My latest project.

Now I've finished my project and it isn't too bad. The whole thing started and was inspired by Sandra last time she was here. We had a long chat and she told me how much she missed this summer. She loves to swim and had not done that ,in the ocean, this summer.
That made me think back to my own childhood and I was thinking about what represent the summer for me as a child. What specific things. That's what this is all about.

I cut out circles in different sizes, one circle smaller for each page as you see below.

I started with the last one because that was the one which would be complete. As you see I've used a photo in the center. It's a photo of a painting done by a great master which I don't remember the name of. This image came to me because of what Sandra told me. Be sure to notice how this image changes with the different colours around it.

This first mandala is about beeing on the beach and what I connect with that.

The next one contains the always present buckets in the sand. Otherwise I've tried to express the feeling of summer, smells and sounds.

I had to include the icecream. If I had to choose one thing only, it would be the icecream. This one focus especially on the warmth I remember we had all the time. A little hint of wind is present too.

One last thing that need to be included is the parasols. With this one on top of the others I got a complete new mandala containing all the things that I connect with my childhood summers.

The last layer represent this specific area in my "fabric of life" or as I would say in Norwegian: Livets vev.

As my sister often says: Childhood is always such a good place to be.........................afterwards!

I did a mistake to start with and that irritates me a lot but now I've learnt. I used my compassneedle in the childs butt and it's quite visible. Foe the future I will add the centerpiece last thing.

You might wonder what I've done with the other way around. I've made something there too, but that I'll show you another time.
Right now I'm going to bake a cake for the wedding of my friends son. They are going to be married today 11.11.11- eleven o'clock. Tomorrow night they'll host a great party. Perhaps I should try to photograph the process of my baking. I'll see.

This weekend Sandra is coming again so perhaps we'll paint and draw a bit.

I wish you all the best, take care and enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a great project! I like how you did it in layers. You are so creative and so talented. I had to laugh about the compass point in the child's butt! Ouch!

  2. I love the mandalas and the little stories behind each one. You see, busy again - making a wedding cake, you really are quiet amazing. Have fun with Sandra this weekend - I know you will.