Friday, January 8, 2016

WIP, has to come to an end.

This piece has had a long life just put away.

I have decided to finish such old ones this year, and this is the first one. I have to say, I've learnt a lot since the beginning of this, and now I do see many things not as good as I first thought.

I have been reading much about composition since then, and I wish I'd done it a bit different.
Here is where it all started, 

I need to change almost everything in it, it all seem so flat. But building depth is possible, and I'll try to get it done. Below you see the one face done. I like it much better. This piece measures 70 by 70 cm, so there's a lot of work to do.

Now, this face need to be sculptured, can you see how flat it is?

Here they are, both faces done. To do this work, I'm using my inktense watercolor pencils. Working on top of fabric and wetting it, it's very risky so I have to be careful.

Below is a photo of it all. I've just started working on some of the houses. I am excited to see what can be done and if it's worth the effort. As for the composition, it's too symmetric and too centered. I do believe though, that by adding more contrasts it may look different.

I'll link this to Paint Party Friday, so happy PPF everyone.

Oh, and it's my 58 birthday today so I'm going to have a good day and finally start my new year as well.


  1. Fantastic work, looking forward o seeing more, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. The faces you have painted are beautiful! So serene. The little blue house adds very much to the composition and although symetrical keeps the eye moving through the piece. Lovely work! Happy New year to you.

  3. Fabulous artwork! Happy Birthday to You!

  4. Happy Birth Day, its fab that its also PPF.
    Your art is beautiful and interesting.

  5. I just clicked through to see where it started back in 2011 - that is a long time in progress but I admire you for persevering and changing it as you've learnt more. I think you should definitely stick with it as I think it is a really lovely piece and the faces look so beautiful and serene. Happy birthday to you and happy new year!

  6. Wow, this project is so beautiful!!! A very happy birthday to you and a happy PPF too! Enjoy your day!

  7. Happy birthday, Laila. Hope it is a happy day for you. Your painting is anything but flat now. I love the contours of the faces. I like the composition. It is balanced and to me that counts for a lot.

  8. Happy birthday Laila I Love your work

  9. First of all happy B'day Laila! Hope it's a great day! This work is gorgeous! Looking forward to how you'll finish it!

  10. Happy birthday Laila! SO glad to have found PPF and allt he lovely people attached. I'm new around the blog world. Happy to say that I am a new follower. Dea

  11. Happy Birthday Laila!! What a gorgeous piece!! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!!Thanks for sharing the process!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. First off Happy Birthday!!! Second that piece of art is stunning. I love the colors and angles and the depth of it. Well done.

  13. love seeing your wip. love how you are using faces a long with buildings/houses. i love anything with building and/or houses. your faces are awesome.
    and happy birthday from one who also turned 58 2 mos ago. wishing you a peaceful, creative weekend.

  14. Well Happy Birthday to you Laila, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.
    It was fascinating having you lead me through your work. I can really see what you are doing when you add depth. It makes such a difference.
    I haven't used my pencils for quite some time and it seems that many of the PPF group are using them at the moment. I really must start using them again. Thank you for the inspiration and WIP update.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF too.

  15. I think your piece is very interesting. I love how it is really unique and different from what you usually see painted.