Monday, December 15, 2014

Something sad, something good and a bit fun.

I have not been making any art lately,

other than knitting some dishclothes. Wednesday November my mother had a brain stroke and she didn't understand what had happened to her. She was so looking forward to see my brother and his wife coming to visit her Friday I'm very happy they they were there to look after her, and not least for bringing her back home. I'm glad to report that she is much better now, she can talk, walk and do many different things. The right side of her body is affected, so she has some trouble with balance when walking, and of cause, her strength isn't the same. But, I'm sure she will be able to regain her strength as soon as she starts rehabilitation. I'm working on establishing a good quality rehab for her.

Late yesterday evening, I were out to pick up some more firewood, I heard this terrible noise. It sounded like 50 grizzly bears. It was, to my surprise, an American 911 police car and during it's last turn before parking outside my sons house, the engine delivered an extra sound like a gun shot. Instantly, I were ready to let go of all the firewood, freeze and hands up. My goodness!

Our son has a friend that is over the normal level interested in old and special cars. He buys and sells them all the time, mostly buys them, I think.

Well, handyman and I had a good laugh, and I'm still chuckling. Who could ever imagine to have such a car at ones doorstep.

I'm not sure to be back before Christmas, so I wish you all a good one, right now. I hope to find time to be creative after Christmas.


  1. Sending love and light for your moms healing!! It sounds like she is in a good place and will recover well thankfully!! I have a friend who had a stroke at 47 and although physically she totally recovered her speech is still affected 10 years later!! Make sure people massage the parts that are not functioning as well.

    That is so funny I owned a corvette for 11 years and sold if for a little above what I paid for it!! Funny to see it decked out as a police car... it was fun while I had it though.

    Thanks for sharing...and so glad your mom will recover!
    Hugs Giggles

  2. Laila, so sorry to hear about your mom's stroke but it sounds as if she's doing better. With care and rehabilitation she should be fine. You look like her a little bit...same sweet smile.

    How funny that old car has ended up outside your home.

    Happy holidays to you and your family!!

  3. Sending you Mom well wishes and a full recovery. Merry Christmas. I'm still offline. Just thought I'd pop in for a few minutes. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. Merry Christmas Laila, glad to know your mom is on the mend.

  5. merry Christmas and so sorry to hear about your mom, I know how it feels, when my mom got sick I was beside myself with worry.

  6. With best wishes and greetings for the Christmas season! And I hope so much your mother will get well soon!

  7. My dear Laila, I'm so sorry to hear about Mom. I know how special Moms are to us daughters and there's nothing worse when they fall ill. I'm thinking of your entire family right now and sending love and prayers to you all to have the strength to get through her recovery and for her quick return to health. Hugs Hugs Hugs. I, too, would have freaked out if that car had made all that noise and pulled up in front of my house. How scary and funny at the same time. Hope you get to painting again real soon. Maybe you can just sketch some scenes in pencil until you have more time? Sending you best wishes for 2015 and lots of good health, good news and inspiration for creativity! Love Telva

  8. Hi Laila,
    I am sorry about your Mom, it is great she is doing better. My Mom has alzheimers and she doesn't know who I am any more and we were best friends, so I have had a very difficult time dealing with it all. Enjoy your Mom while you can.