Tuesday, June 3, 2014

See through experiment, part two

I did manage to finish off my project yesterday.

First photo today shows my piece after some shading. After that it was time to start the top layer.

I wanted the top "fabric" to have a color other than white, so I chose to use a warm sepia, Sennelier watercolor, mixed down with a lot of water. Close to the edges around the openings I darkened the color to suggest the fabric to curl a bit inwards.
Now, when it's over, I can see that at this point I stopped trusting my process. What I had in mind for this piece was to fill the openings with a haze of white (acrylics) and then use a medium rough fabric to pick up some paint and leave an image looking like the surface of a canvas. I would still be able to see through, but it would look like fabric in the open spaces.

I was so afraid to ruin it all that I secured myself by adding a layer of clear tar gel. That would allow me to remowe the next layer if I failed. Now I think I would have made it if I didn't use that gel. Below you see how it looked when top layer is painted.

Next photo shows my piece with two layers of a milky paint on top of the open spaces. This was for toning down the colors and also I hoped for it to look like a thin see through fabric. I wasn't able to make the canvas look I had in mind, so at a certain point I stopped trying.

To finish it off I added some texture to the sepia areas, simply by scribbling with a couple of colored pencils. My question was : Is it possible to work with layers and still see throug the top layer? Yes it is, even thoug I didn't gain the result I was looking for.

When I woke up this morning I had the solution. I'll simply use threads to make the spaces look like fabric. It will take me soome time to do that, so I'll have to come back with the final result. Hopefully tomorrow. I was asked a question yesterday, what I used for masking a watercolor painting. I use masking fluid and a very fine nib for fine lines.
Thank you for stopping by, it's much appreciated.

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