Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The dreamer.

Awhile back

I sketched this face, it's done on a medium quality sketchbook paper. I left it and forgot about it till yesterday. I have been trying to work on faces in picasa, but find it difficult to get good results. All the faces I've tried to work on have become weird and nothing to use.
During my work with the coming series I've learnt alot about manupilating my pieces, also a bit about what it takes from the original piece to get what I call a good end result. That's what made me so happy when I found this one. I strongly believed this could be the one to give a good result.

 It sure did!

This is even more than what could be expected from that simple sketch. I love it, and from now on she is called: The Dreamer.
I simply have to print this one, she could easily be a front cover on a book, don't you think? I was so happy to find that deep blue color and the softer green in the background. The moment when the magic happens is indescribable. Instantly, you know it won't be better no matter how long you try. Small moments containing huge amounts of happyness. Give it a try, I say no more!

It's far from the best face I've drawn/painted, but it holds something special which the bright blue color underline in a good way, I think. 


  1. You're doing some fun things with that photo program! This one is very simple yet has impact and the name is perfect.

  2. I agree with janet, it does have a great impact, I think when you really see those great colors, it comes to live.