Saturday, December 3, 2011

Small things to give away.

I had a little spare time yesterday.

The whole thing started with the squared one. I wanted to try if I could knit this design. Yes I could, but it was too slow to make for Christmas besides a lot of people in my family do knit themselves. Not that many crocheting though. So I chose to crochet instead and it's much faster too. These are not potholders but hot pot coasters. You know to protect the bench or table from hot pots.
I've chosen to make them colourful just to brighten any grey day. I'm planning to give one to each family in my family,as a small gift. Perhaps that will inspire the girls to start crocheting. That would be fun.

Today I'm going to polish all the doorhandles. Every door in our house have brass handles, old real brass. There are quite a few to do so that will be my job today. Tomorrow will be the day for the silvervare. Oh, the forks are difficult to polish.
The roast has to be put into sour too if I'm going to get it ready for Christmas. Baking will be done later on. Coming week will be all about cleaning/washing.
And this year my mom is coming home for Christmas so I'll have to pay her a visit or two too.
Because of my mom we are all going to celebrate Christmas together this year and that mean that we will be more than 30 persons at Christmaseve. Amongst them are 11 great grandchildren.

I'm off to polish, have a nice weekend.


  1. Love the hot pot coasters! I'm sure your family will love them, too and be happy that you made them for everyone.

    Your Christmas sounds like it will be wonderful with all the family together. Enjoy!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I do love these. The colors are so delightful and fill me with joy. What a fun gift to give. I love making homemade Christmas gifts. This year I am hoping to make a recipe book for my daughter, who is married and always calls me for recipes. I thought it would be fun to illustrate it. Your crocheting is lovely, you are very talented! :) Have a happy day polishing.

  3. Thank you so much Laila, for your guidance. This is a thought in the back of my mind. So will question everything and if I think there is something wrong will certainly draw back. I pray and cover myself with the protection of the holy spirit. Feel this is the right path, will always be questioning also! I hope its the aid I can help with?
    Love your wool coasters,there so beautiful,you have such neat hands. Can so see it in them. There beautiful! Loads of love :)

  4. Laila, so good to hear from you and I just love seeing your avatar photo of you. So beautiful!
    Hope your having an amazing week :) Julie